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"Before Sinem’s reading, I didn't know what to expect. I’m not familiar with astrology and the only horoscopes I've seen are those in newspapers, which are mainly for entertainment. You could say I was fairly skeptical of astrology as a field. The first thing that surprised me was how thorough and detailed the reading was. She covered all the different houses, planets, and elements. As Sinem continued, she identified several things about my personality and life that she couldn't have known about beforehand, and which were not only accurate but insightful.  I also liked how she framed astrology as something other than destiny--more a guide to what is most natural for a given person, but still subject to change and personal agency. In general, I left with greater confidence in astrology as a field (when done properly) and some things to look out for and be aware of in my own life. Beyond that, it was just a fun and worthwhile experience!"



"Sinem was simply amazing; she totally conveys a very professional and honest encounter. She is straightforward, genuine, warm and most importantly, so accurate!
Even if this is your first time with an astrologer (my case) or not, I can assure you are in GREAT hands! Sinem makes it particularly comfortable and right from the beginning you can feel how empathetic and intuitive she is. My favorite part in our session was the fact that she is very knowledgeable, not just in Astrology but in other interesting disciplines as well, and she doesn’t hesitate to include that in her consultation, making the whole session a very thorough experience.I’m definitely hooked!"



"Practicing yoga with Sinem was a great experience for me. Yoga is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I felt hesitant to go to group classes with no previous experience. I found that Sinem’s private classes were a perfect way to get me started. I always felt like there was no pressure, it was relaxing, and it was really satisfying to learn new poses and techniques as I progressed . She’s very professional when giving her lessons, great at giving instructions and demonstrating, and she’s a really fun person to be around."



"I had been wanting to have a birth chart reading for a long time and while I was looking for a good astrologer, I reached out to Sinem with the advice of an acquaintance. She gave me a great experience with her interest, relevance, most importantly her knowledge and detailed explanations. I can say that she clarified all the troubled situations I experienced in my life last year through astrology. I can say that her predictions about the future, determinations about my character, and most importantly, what she said about revealing my potential in life shocked me. Now she is my friend more than my astrologer. Apart from natal chart analysis, I also take regular yoga classes from her, and recommend it to everyone."


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"Yoga with Sinem is a journey to discover myself and my limits and at the same time strive to expand them. Her calmness makes me feel calm too. My body and soul go on a journey to undiscovered lands for a while."


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"I had an idea about astrology but I had no idea about karmic astrology before Sinem. It was a good experience to look through a different point of view to my life. She’s a great friend and positive person who touches your heart and soul. During the time we spent together I have never heard anything bad from her. Because she teaches you not to look in a bad way through your past and present experiences about your life (and also the future that may happen). I am so happy to have her in my life. Thank you Sinem!"



"Yoga was a new experience for me that started with Sinem before the pandemic. Practicing yoga with a small group was a spiritual journey with physical and mental contributions. Sinem always emphasized that each of us is unique and she wanted us to do our movements within our own capacity at that moment, without competing with each other. Our sessions were at the pace of our personal development and with the holistic approach of her. I can also say that Sinem's own personal journey and learnings, parallel to our classes, are reflected on me and my awareness has increased. I have come out of the sessions with relief, renewed and healed. In this context, I wish everyone to meet such a well-knowledged and genuine (sincere and transparent) yogini."


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“Having an astrological reading session with Sinem was an enlightening experience. I think everyone should give it a try at least once in their life.. I really liked how she explained things in an understandable way without making it complicated for a person with basic knowledge of astrology. She knows how to put things together as a full story and has full accuracy in her insights. It feels like she puts herself in your place so it is not a mechanical reading at all. Besides the chart reading, she gives you advices and makes you think on her comments, so that even a year later you remember what you talked about. She had told me that according to our birth charts we had marriage and long term relationship angle with my partner and we both had marriage possibility at some certain period within this year. A short while after our session I got proposed and just as she mentioned we got married last month. Of course it is not fortune telling, Sinem is a good analyst and I am so grateful to her for the awareness she created in my life. After our session I have got a better idea about my personal life path, which points to focus on for a better me and which to avoid. Thank you so much Sinem ."



"Before I started doing yoga with Sinem, I had had yoga training. In my opinion, yoga, breathing exercises and relaxing music should have taken place separately in different time periods, but her classes are diverse, holistic and integrative. It is a training that never forces you more than you should; it stretches gently. It is complemented by breathing exercises and healing music. Also, she always reminds us to focus on what our bodies are telling us during asanas. I can say that through her guidance with her sweet tone, I got rid of all my wrong information and took an accurate step for myself. That's why I look forward to her online classes. I would like to express my gratitude to her for accompanying me on my journey and for her contributions."


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“I have had the opportunity to have an astrology session with Sinem. The session was very enlightening, empowering and truthful. It has resonated to me and really touched me emotionally. All the pieces made sense and were directly related to reality and my current core as a human being living in the moment, reflecting on the past and wondering about the future. She really touched on my struggles, strengths and fears; yet she was positive, caring and empowering. I believe this session really helped in clearing my mind and in helping me to focus. I'm very grateful for this reading and for Sinem and looking forward to utilizing what I have learned and took out of this session with positivity, serenity, power and acceptance."


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